Why OnePlus Is Best?

OnePlus is one of the  Leading Smartphone Flagship and Never Settles for anything less than amazing!

And Yes the hype is Real. And OnePlus has Earned that.

It is all worth having any products by this flagship because it serves what it says.

Apart from having the Specifications on Fleek,it has most Loyal Customer Base around the world,most convenient customer support with constant revision,it has the most fantastic Marketing strategies,it offers great deals according to buyers convenience, Never lets the user to settle for anything less than perfection, and hence not surprisingly it is many people’s first choice over other flagships being an Android.

 Since 2014 to 2018 it has made a mad progress in the sales and offers everything it claims to.

If one is in doubt whether to choose it or not? I would stick out a green Yes.


Why OnePlus Is Best
Why OnePlus Is Best


There are actually many reasons behind such popularity of OnePlus and that too within such a short period of time…

In a Survey conducted in India, it had Higher Rating Than Apple

The survey came as a shocker! Even Apple doesn’t hold a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate in the country, in spite of having the most loyal fan base, according to the same report.

The survey report suggests a very interesting trend in the Indian smartphone market. Apple and Samsung might dominate in terms of number of sales and market share, but still, a new brand like OnePlus is securing a very healthy mindshare amongst the Indian smartphone buyers. Hence, Healthy Mindshare Among Indian Smartphone Buyers.

Another reason is Premium Smartphone At Affordable Prices

The survey findings looked into what consumers feel about various mobile brands. The report mainly focused on premium smartphones, and OnePlus is a big name among a large number of consumers. The study focused on what consumers find to be the primary factors involved when they upgrade their smartphones. It included device quality, price, quality of service andthe after sales support.

Also.. OnePlus phones enjoy High Resale Value

Not only customer satisfaction, OnePlus has scored good on other parameters too. It scores very high loyalty amongst its users, and OnePlus has also emerged as a highly recommended brand, with high resale value. In fact, it is the highest recommended smartphone brand.

So What Contributed To The Success Of OnePlus?

The Chinese brand has gained the moniker of ‘Most Trusted Smartphone Brand’ in the country based on following factors;

  1. Quality – OnePlus has scored a 100% satisfaction rate in terms of quality.
  2. Service and After Sales Support –They have registered a 96% satisfaction rate with respect to availability of the spare parts.
  3. Problem Resolution – They have scored around 90% satisfaction when it comes to problem resolution.

Main Constraints Of Smartphone Sales

According to the same report, buyers look for the following five main factors while buying smartphones;

  1. OS – 89% buyers are looking for the latest OS
  2. RAM – 85% worry about their device having enough RAM
  3. Battery – 80% care about battery life
  4. Network – 77% people need to have good networking technology
  5. Camera – 75% look for good camera quality

To sum it up, OnePlus has ranked highest as a brand recommended by other users and has received 100% satisfaction rate from present and past customers! OnePlus is becoming better and better, day by day.. and sure enough, it’s true to it’s tagline “ Never Settle”!

Hope this was informative!

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